Introducing myself and my professional life

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I was born in Riverside, California (it is in the Los Angeles suburb) on November 14, 1990 so I'm 23 :), I've spent almost my whole childhood in this suburb, I just love this place !! When I was 15, I signed my first contract with a modeling agency in Los Angeles, afterwards, my dream became true because I managed to create an musical album and I started to become a little "famous" on Myspace with a song called "Strong" (Click here to listen to the song). Then I signed in a new musical label "Interscope". Thanks to Interscope, I interviewed celebrities for Myspace and did some other special things. At the same time I'm a model, I make a lot of professional pictures. In 2011 I signed with Star Base Japan and I released my new album on 2012 which is titled "Jordyn Taylor" and I was so happy making this album, I was a great succes in Japan. Afterwards, I realesed another studio album the next year called "Shine" in a new label "Space Shower Music". I still hope I will success in Japan !!

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