vs. Rhabdomyolysis

Reporting live from the Cardiac floor of Mission Hospital! Just wanted to fill you all in on what's going on with me and this body of mine. I attended my personal training session as usual, focusing mainly on my upper body. There was an abundance of pull-ups (or pull-up attempts to be more accurate) and other arm workouts throughout the hour workout. Almost immediately following I attended a power yoga class for another hour. This was all my typical routine. I got home shortly after that and joined my mother in a 30-minute Jillian Michaels workout DVD. Three workouts in one day, one after the other. I have never attempted so much physical strain in one day and I definitely should have known better. And then, I spent the other next days with other trainings. When I decided to stop for a while, I went with my friends on the beach and I realised taht I could not straighten my arms properly and I thought it was normal because I've experienced this before in the past. Afterwards, I started playing soccer, running, go to the gym and at home I felt a a strong pain in my biceps and elbows, I drunk as much as possbile water but that pain was still there. I was almost paralysed. Fortunately my brother Mikey was home, he took me at the hospital and I had to pass a blood test. The blood test revealed that I had developed a condition called Rhabdomyolysis. Learn more about this disease "Rhabdomyolisis"
It is very important to listen to your body and to know its limits. Don't be discouraged by my experience, work for your health and fitness but too much of anything has its repercussions.


Hi ! I'm Jordyn Taylor and I live in California.

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