Personal Life

I live with my family in California, I have two brothers Justin and Mickey. I am so lucky to have brothers, it is a protecting feeling, I just love them. When I was young, I always showed off because I have two strong brothers ^_^. I am of European descent especially Albanian and of American descent. My parents met in French Switzerland in a city called Geneva. My father and my mom worked there then daddy was transferred in California, then I was born ^^, I had a great taste in music at an early age. Later some opportunity were given me to be a model. My family is kinda rich, I could have everything I wanted but I'm not a person who spend a lot, in my childhood and in my teenage years I tried to hide this "wealth" to others because they would chill with me just for interest, actually I wanted to be as normal as possible, I didn't want to reveal a sign of wealth. By the way I had very good grades in elemetary and middle school, I don't wanna show off but I was very intelligent ( and I still am hahah !). When I was 16, we moved to Geneva because my father had to be transffered again. We stayed there for 3 years and we came back to California. In Geneva, I attended high school. In the beggining it was difficult for me because I had to learn French but step by step I managed to do it. When we had vacancies, I often returned to California to visit my other friends. When the day came to leave Europe, I was sad because I met such wonderful people, that was amazing but now as I am more and more busy with my stuff, I have less oportunity to go back to Geneva. Later, I travelled to Japan in order to have a contract with musical label and managed to do it ! Another dream became true, visiting Japan and having the possibility to work there ! "Nihon daisuki" !!! I visited Tokyo the biggest and the greatest city in the world !! It was beyond perfection !! I had so much fun there and moment of joy, I travell often to Tokyo and I am very happy and lucky by the way. My biggest inspirations and idols are Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Beyonce and my lovely mom of course ^^. I am always grateful to those persons because thanks to them I achieved my main dreams. But my biggest dream is to help as much as possible people in need, this is what makes me the happiest. I hope one day I would do the impossible for the people who lives in bad conditions.

Introducing myself and my professional life

I was born in Riverside, California (it is in the Los Angeles suburb) on November 14, 1990 so I'm 23 :), I've spent almost my whole childhood in this suburb, I just love this place !! When I was 15, I signed my first contract with a modeling agency in Los Angeles, afterwards, my dream became true because I managed to create an musical album and I started to become a little "famous" on Myspace with a song called "Strong" (Click here to listen to the song). Then I signed in a new musical label "Interscope". Thanks to Interscope, I interviewed celebrities for Myspace and did some other special things. At the same time I'm a model, I make a lot of professional pictures. In 2011 I signed with Star Base Japan and I released my new album on 2012 which is titled "Jordyn Taylor" and I was so happy making this album, I was a great succes in Japan. Afterwards, I realesed another studio album the next year called "Shine" in a new label "Space Shower Music". I still hope I will success in Japan !!

album jor

Me :)

Hi everyone ! My name is Jordyn Taylor from California. I'm a singer and a model.


Hi ! I'm Jordyn Taylor and I live in California.

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